This page outlines the importance of NFTs and how it will aid both the NFT holders and the community


The collection is available on OpenSea (link) and is composed of 193 countries (all the United Nations members).

How were the NFTs created ?

Each NFT is unique in its own way, because each country has its own rarity. Each NFT consists of 6 elements; the country code, the flag, the name, the area, the country shape and the colors.
  • Country code : It is based on ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 published by International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to represent countries, dependent territories and special areas of geographical interest.
  • Flag : The flag of the countries are based on the time that the NFTs were created.
  • Name : All the country names were translated in English because it is a global language.
  • Area : The area of the country is based on the metric system —symbol: km², as for the data; it was gathered from a reputable source.
  • Country shape : The shape of the country was extracted from a reputable source.
  • Colors : The colors were generated by extracting them from their respective country flags. The extraction was possible by evaluating the percentage of each color in the flag —based on pixel by pixel analysis.
All the NFTs were generated using automation, for that different algorithms were used to extract and fill the colors.

Why should I buy the NFTs ?

When you own an NFT from our amazing collection, you will automatically be entitled to the perks of the project, which mainly consists of adding value to both the NFT holders and the community.
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